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NEW CUSTOM HOMES for EVERYONE provides award winning pre-priced house plans that can be customized along with an online menu for changes and selections to make custom home building enjoyable and avaliable to everyone. For homeowners, builders and realtors - everybody can now design, build and sell new custom homes.

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The right lender and loan program for custom home building is essential. Our National lenders have custom construction loans with $0 down for VA custom construction to 10% down for traditional construction loans. With loan amounts up to $3m, there's now a loan for every project. Click on the Lending button for your custom home construction loan.


If you are still searching for your dream property, click on the SEARCH Multiple Listing Service button below. The MLS APP displays every property listed for sale in the United States. If you need help, our team of real estate agents and builders are expert at analyzing and purchasing properties for custom homes.


Time to start your Custom Home design! Click on the HOUSE PLAN library button below or from the menu above. All homes are priced without the land and utilities and may be customized by our professional designers. Forget about the chaos and confusion of custom home building.


Our Builders are the best in the business. Every builder for is thoroughly researched, vetted and is certified under our custom home building program. With standardized building processes and online systems and upgrades, remove the fear of custom home building. Click on our Builder Button for your local, certified new custom home builder.

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I've been a custom and production home builder for almost thirty years. With over a thousand homes built, we always dreaded the custom home process. Our clients would find a house plan online that didn't meet code and had to be redrafted (or spent tens of thousands with an architect). Without knowing how much it would cost, by the time they made their selections and we bid it, the project was always over budget. Then, we would have to go back and modify the plan, change selections and try and get the price down. Six months later, maybe we could start construction.
With, the system is so easy for us. Everything is online. Scheduling, selections and every home is photo documented. It really makes custom homebuilding fun again.